To really understand the story of the Marchini Almond, you have to travel back to ancient times. As a part of the plum family and a distant relative of the peach, it is generally believed that almonds grew wild in the mountains of southwest and central Asia thousands of years before recorded history. It was here that humans discovered the sweet almond kernels that we know today.

Some of these natural almond groves grew along the Silk Road (the primary trade route from Europe to Asia) and proved to be especially popular among the early explorers and traders. Almonds were highly nutritional and had a long storage life, causing early travelers to take the little nut with them and soon the Almond, which flourished in hot, arid climates, was growing well across the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean and some parts of Europe.

 Almond trees came to California with the missionaries of the Catholic Church. Great almond groves were planted around the missions, but it was too cold for the almond to flourish. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that enterprising pioneers discovered that the Central Valley was the perfect location for growing Almonds.

When Florindo Marchini came to the United States in 1920, he was employed by a vineyard in Livingston, before moving to Le Grand to help found what is now Live Oak Tomatoes. Florindo, being originally from Italy, was very accustomed to Almonds and therefore was very interested in them. He planted his first almond orchard in 1942.

By the late 1950’s, the Marchinis were successful almond farmers, in addition to the many other crops they produced.

Joe Marchini, Florindo’s son, discovered a special almond variety in a field that he owned in 1962. Upon removing an old growth almond orchard, a row of seedlings were purposely left in order to provide a natural barrier on the edge of the property. The healthy trees were left to grow and blossom. It soon became apparent that one of these trees was special in that it was physically larger, extremely productive and very hardy. It produced a medium sized flavorful nut, perfect for blanching every year without fail.  The nut had a flavor profile that Joe was familiar with, the taste of a European almond.

Excited about his discovery, Joe decided to propagate this almond tree via budding and grafting in an almond orchard about a mile away. All of the reproduced trees exhibited the same characteristics of the original, which led Joe to continue his tests and evaluations and expand this variety to other orchards and he eventually applied to the United State Patents and Trademarks Office for a patent.

Today, the Marchini Almond is a patented variety of the Almond tree (Prunis dulcis) and is a Marchini Family exclusive. You can purchase Marchini Almonds right from this website or from farm stands across California.

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